Future showroom | Before & Beyond of our future showroom’s exteriors

Future showroom | Before & Beyond of our future showroom’s exteriors

Welcome to our latest blog post where we unveil the exciting journey of revamping our showroom’s exteriors into a captivating masterpiece. Join us as we delve into the visionary collaboration with renowned landscape architect Michel Delvosalle, transforming every corner of our estate into a symphony of design and innovation. Get ready to discover the inspiration behind our showroom’s facade, front garden, backyard oasis, and perhaps even a charming river house.

Meet Michel Delvosalle


Passionate about nature and the harmony of landscapes, Michel Delvosalle completed his studies as a landscape architect in 1972 and has since enjoyed an extremely varied career as a garden artist, creator of spaces and atmospheres, painter, sculptor and landscape architect. Whilst each garden is unique in its setting and design, they all share the artist’s signature hallmark: the search for harmony and the flexibility to adapt to places and people.

Embark on this immersive journey of inspiration and innovation, where each element of our future showroom’s exteriors tells a story of vision, craftsmanship, and unparalleled beauty.

Unveil the inspiration behind our revamped facade, where timeless elegance meets contemporary design. Immerse yourself in the architectural splendor as we delve into the choice of materials, architectural styles, and seamless integration with the surroundings, ensuring an unforgettable first impression.

Step into a botanical paradise with our gardens, meticulously designed to enchant and inspire. Delve into the vision behind the lush greenery, vibrant blooms, and captivating layout that elevate the aesthetic appeal while harmonizing with the surrounding landscape. Experience tranquility and serenity amidst nature’s finest offerings. From tranquil water features to thoughtfully designed seating areas, every element is crafted to enhance both beauty and functionality. Immerse yourself in the serene ambiance as we unveil the landscaping techniques and architectural elements that transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Experience waterfront living at its finest with our charming river house. Discover how this architectural gem complements the showroom’s exteriors, serving as a captivating focal point for visitors. From panoramic views to seamless indoor-outdoor living, indulge in the allure of riverside tranquility and architectural elegance.

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